Preliminary Trip

I spent 14 hours on Sunday and 12 hours on Monday, 22 and 23 June, making a preliminary visit to a number of the North Dakota extraordinary places.  The trip covered roughly 300 miles (in a loop from Dickinson, ND) and was focused on locations south of Interstate 94.  I visited and photographed the following:

  • White Butte
  • Black Butte
  • Pretty Butte
  • Burning Coal Vein/Columnar Junipers
  • Tracy Mountain
  • Sentinel Butte
  • Camel’s Hump Butte
  • Little Missouri National Grasslands (a few locations south of I 94)
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park (south unit)
  • Little Missouri River (in Theodore Roosevelt National Park)

In the next several posts, I will describe each of the locations, include some of my notes, and throw in a few digital images to provide a feeling for each place.

I am typically very conservative with the shutter and do not take many shots during an outing.  The fact that I filled three memory cards (150+ images) and shot 16 rolls of film (64 panorama shots) during the two days is a testament to the number of photographically interesting places that are on the list of North Dakota extraordinary places.

Maps of current rigs and wells ( indicate much of the oil development is north of I 94 and west of ND 22.  There is relatively little oil development near the places I visited during this trip.  New wells are common along I 94 between Dickinson and Belfield and wells were visible in the vicinity of Tracy Mountain and the south unit of Theodore Roosevelt Park (especially near the north east boundary of the unit).

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