Pretty Butte

Pretty Butte, Slope Co. ND

Pretty Butte is located at the far western edge of Slope County, near Marmarth (located on US 12 west of Bowman).  The butte is several miles north west of town on old ND 16.  The road is unpaved, but in good condition during this visit. There were no signs of oil development in the immediate vicinity of the butte, but some wells are visibile along US 12 near Marmarth, and the south west corner of the the state has some large and very active oil fields.  Reviews of GIS oil well data indicate exploration near the butte with a number of expired leases and dry holes nearby.

Marmarth is a small prairie town with a population less than 150 today. It had a much larger population at one time:  in 1911 it was the largest city in North Dakota.  Marmarth is filled with a number of wonderful old buildings.  The Barber Building, built in 1909, housed business on the first floor and an opera house upstairs that was the finest playhouse west of Minneapolis during its heyday.  The Mystic Theatre sits just across the street from the Barber Building and is run by the Marmarth Historical Society.

Marmarth, ND

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