Sentinel Butte

Sentinel Butte is an irregularly-shaped, flat-topped butte located less than 20 miles west of Medora and a few miles south of I 94. Some sources suggest that it is possible to drive to the top of the butte, but the most likely road was posted with several No Trespassing signs at the time of my visit.

A small active oil field is located 5-10 miles to the east near Square Butte, but there is little evidence of oil development in the immediate area (only one dry hole recorded within several miles). However, much of the potential scenic value of the area is already lost due to the presence of cell phone and communications towers on the flat top of the butte. It is difficult to take a photograph of the area that does not include these man-made structures. There are a few locations on the closest roads to the south east and east where it was possible to find an angle where the towers are not (or are only slightly) visible.

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