Tracy Mountain

Tracy Mountain is a little difficult to view from the road, particularly if one is looking for an angle that does not include evidence of oil development.  This “butte” is about a mile from the nearest road and oil development is common to the south and southwest of the location along much of Tracy Mountain Road from its west end where it meets East River Road to the point of the photograph.

Tracy Mountain

The best location I found during this trip was to the south east, just past the point that Tracy Mountain Road crosses Merrifield Creek.  An aside:  Merrifield Creek was the site of a pipeline (saltwater) leak earlier this year.  The soil where the road crosses the creek had recently been replaced when we visited.

An oil well south of Tracy Mountain.  Several wells are visible along Tracy Mountain Road, some of them back right up to the hills just south of the butte.


Here is a map of oil development in the area.  Tracy Mountain is located roughly at T138N  R101w, section 10, near the northeast end of the Tracy Mountain oil field.  Active wells (the dark circles; see for map legend) are located to the south and south west of Tracy Mountain field.  The active Medora and Fryburg oil fields are located to the northwest and northeast, respectively.